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Feel of the Market, John Harrington’s flagship newsletter, has been continually published each Friday since 1966.  That makes it the longest running cattle commentary in North America.  But neither age nor beauty counts for much in this biz unless both designate a proven ability to deliver meaningful value.

The following main features of the newsletter are responsible for its widely recognized leadership and insight among successful beef producers everywhere:

•     Market Commentary—Leading with its best punch, FOTM opens each week with a lively commentary about where the market has been and where it is going. Additionally, Harrington tackles and dissects unexpected developments in fundamentals, cuts to the bottom of technical formations, identifies winning market strategies, and speaks truth before producer bias and changing conditions.

•     Top Bullish & Bear Forces—Those who prefer to jump to the bottom line will love this part of the newsletter.  With surgeon-like perception, Harrington separates market wheat from market chaff, bulleting the four major forces responsible for moving prices NOW.

•     Harrington’s Take on Livestock News—In this age of 24-hour markets, cable television with endless channels, on-line news, blogs, and twitter, keeping abreast of necessary business information can be like standing under a waterfall with a paper cup. Harrington’s Take not only sorts out the week’s most critical livestock news, it provides unique perspectives that change sensational and often confusing headlines into knowledge and data you can use.

•     Fundamentals in Historical Context—Benefit from the most comprehensive collection of cattle-related fundamentals in the whole of cyberspace.  It’s remarkable both in terms geographical breadth (e.g., feeders prices from St. Joseph, Missouri to Cottonwood, California, from Watertown, South Dakota to Oklahoma City) and commodity scope (i.e. everything from beef cut-outs to egg sets to distillers dried grain). All readings are presented with week-ago and year-ago comparisons.

•     30 Charts of Key Indicators—Find the largest collection of key cattle market graphs, regularly updated with the latest data available (charted against the prior year as well as the 3-year average).

•     Current On Feed Data & Analysis—
The long and short of critical on feed data is all right here, capped with propriety measurements of feedlot currentness and projections of fed marketing requirements over the next four months.


What People Are Saying

“Cactus continues to be a long time subscriber and have always felt that the Feel of the Market newsletter was one of the better ones that we subscribe to. John’s rhetoric on the market is much appreciated and enjoyed for his colorful comments which sometimes brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.”

Paul Engler
Cactus Feeders
Amarillo, Texas

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