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Here's what you get with The Sort & Cull Blog

The Sort & Cull Blog takes you up close and to the market minute. For those serious about breaking news, time-sensitive measurements of price and fundamentals, and monitoring the pulse of market controversy, this is a cistern that promises never to run dry. Updated multiple times each day, this on-line exclusive focuses on three major topics:

•     The Feel of Cash Cattle and Fresh Beef—
This section tracks the developing feedlot trade, identifying showlists and marketing expectations, country bids, asking prices, trade volume, and slaughter plans. Additionally, it follows the boxed beef trade, analyzing volume, seasonal trends, and implications for processing margins and country price potential.

•     The Feel of Livestock Futures—These comments assess activity in all beef-related futures.  From overnight trading on the Globex to the closing bell of open outcry, price action is closely watched in terms of open interest, volume, technical significance, basis implications, hedging opportunities, and commercial/non-commercial position shifts.

•     Harrington’s Sort & Cull—John Harrington’s daily blog ranks among the most lively business commentary available on the Internet. Whatever Harrington chooses to weigh in on—market opportunities or problems, thorny issues important to the beef industry, private or public silliness—readers can always expect a unique combination of thoughtful discernment, straight-talking frankness, and disarming humor.







What People Are Saying

“Cactus continues to be a long time subscriber and have always felt that the Feel of the Market newsletter was one of the better ones that we subscribe to. John’s rhetoric on the market is much appreciated and enjoyed for his colorful comments which sometimes brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.”

Paul Engler
Cactus Feeders
Amarillo, Texas

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