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John A. Harrington

To the ranch and feedlot born, John represents the fourth generation of Harringtons successfully tested by cattle market smoke and fire since the late 19th century. The deep roots of the family tree spread through all sectors of the beef production industry, including seedstock, cow-calf, stocker grazing, backgrounding, and cattle feeding.

Harrington graduated from Hastings College in 1974, and then when on to a year of advanced studies at the University of Nebraska. Yet he credits his real education to years spent under the tutelage of his father, H.W. “Bud” Harrington. A recognized giant in the field of innovative production and product development, Bud’s formidable talents as a national speaker and tireless beef promoter helped shape the face of the industry throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Such expertise, enthusiasm, and singular focus were not lost upon his son. John Harrington has now been actively involved in the livestock business for more than 30 years. Steeped in production agriculture through most of the 1980s, he managed a 45,000 head commercial cattle feeding operation as well as 3,000 head swine finishing floor.

In 1984, Harrington started “Feel of the Market”, a consulting firm specializing in fed and feeder cattle marketing. His acclaimed weekly newsletter “Feel of the Market” continues to be circulated among cattle feeders, ranchers, and meat processors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In 1985, Harrington became the Chief Livestock Analyst for DTN, the leading business-to-business provider of real-time agricultural information in North America. Harrington has regularly contributed to livestock newspapers and magazines. In fact, the Livestock Publication Council has repeatedly recognized his writing for its excellence in terms of market analysis, risk management, and unique sense of humor.

What People Are Saying

“Cactus continues to be a long time subscriber and have always felt that the Feel of the Market newsletter was one of the better ones that we subscribe to. John’s rhetoric on the market is much appreciated and enjoyed for his colorful comments which sometimes brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.”

Paul Engler
Cactus Feeders
Amarillo, Texas

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