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What People Are Saying

“Cactus continues to be a long time subscriber and have always felt that the Feel of the Market newsletter was one of the better ones that we subscribe to. John’s rhetoric on the market is much appreciated and enjoyed for his colorful comments which sometimes brighten up an otherwise gloomy day.”

Paul Engler
Cactus Feeders
Amarillo, Texas


“I always look forward to receiving FOTM’s market comments every week. I particularly enjoy Harrington’s writing style and colorful description of activities affecting our beef and cattle business. His insight and knowledge about the factors influencing the livestock markets are usually right on. I really like the easy-to-read charts and graphs at the end of each report. If you want concise up-to-the minute insight on the livestock industry information, I highly recommend Feel of the Market.”

Jerry Bohn
Pratt Feeders
Pratt, Kansas


“I enjoy reading Feel of the Market because it gets right to the meat of the matter. There is no need to read between the lines or try and decipher a message because the newsletter is right on and to the point. Alexander Cattle & Farms is primarily a cash marketer, one that relies on the commodities themselves to make dollars, not on a commodity trading position. Harrington’s newsletter is one of the few that really looks at cash and current market conditions and gives opinions for planning accordingly. I look forward to reading John’s analysis of the past week’s activity and the forward predictions of the near future markets.”

J.D. Alexander
Alexander Cattle & Farms
Pilger, Nebraska


“Harrington has an enjoyable way of reporting on the cattle industry even when trends aren't going the way we'd like them too. His lifetime experiences and deep database of statistics provide a solid background for his comments. I find his analysis entertaining and insightful.”

Roger Wallace
Elkhorn Valley Feeding Services
Elkhorn, Nebraska


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